Messages from the President

Phone messages:  Apologies for any calls not returned.  When we listen to messages, there are times when only a first name is left or the phone number is read off very quickly.  Please leave both your first and last name and recite your phone number slowly.  We value your calls.  Much appreciated from your Executive.

Clarifying short term disability:  Short term disability was negotiated through School District 23 and CUPE’s Collective Agreement.  If a member is sick or injured and off work for more than a week and up to months, we have a joint early intervention service (JEIS) that is mandatory participation.

When SD23 refers a member to Desjardins (insurer), a health care management specialist from Desjardins will call the member directly.  This call could occur on the first day of a referral from SD23.  They will be asking medical questions that are kept confidential and not shared with either CUPE or SD23.  They will set up programs and/or appointments with doctors/specialists/physio/counselling etc.  Your family doctor is always notified (kept in the loop) with the program.  These steps are for the members’ benefits in order to facilitate returning to work and the programs etc. may be adjusted with consultations among all parties.

When the health care management specialists set up programs and a member chooses not to follow the program, there is the possibility that he/she will lose their short term disability.  Also, this could affect qualifying for long term disability if off for more than 120 days.

Spring 2018 CUPE Retirement Planning Workshop

UPDATE Wednesday, March 7th:

We are currently full for the May 31st-June 2nd Retirement Planning Workshop; however, we are taking names to add to our wait list for the tentative fall workshop.  Please note that you are welcome to register for retirement planning workshops providing you have your supervisor’s permission and you have not attended a workshop in the past 5 years.


We have just received confirmation from CUPE BC that the next CUPE Retirement Planning Workshop here in Kelowna (HRES) will be held from Thursday, May 31st – Saturday June 2nd.  There are still a few spots left.  If you are within 5 years of retirement, have permission from your supervisor to attend, and wish to take the workshop, please email our office at:

If you working in a posted position (permanent or temporary), CUPE will cover your wages for Thursday and Friday only (unless Saturdays are one of your posted days of work).  If you working as a casual (on the relief list), CUPE does not cover your wages but you are invited to attend.


General Work-Related Concerns

If you have questions about general work-related concerns, please talk with your CUPE Supervisor or the Union (Shop Stewards).

Issues disclosed to management, which they feel may be potentially serious, must be acted on in a timely manner, which is supported by our Collective Agreement, Labour Laws, and School District 23 Policies.

Please note, though, you must contact your immediate Management Supervisor if you have any issues related to safety or emergencies.

Your union is here to support you and give you guidance.


In-Service and Pro-D Funding Information

The CUPE Pro-D In-Service Fund was negotiated through CUPE and the School District No. 23.  This is a fund for education and improving job opportunities in School District No. 23.

Pre-approval is required for all courses, seminars, workshops etc.  It is highly recommended that members do not pay for courses, seminars, workshops etc.before attaining pre-approval.

Please read the attached In-Service and Pro-D Funding information for further clarification.

In-Service and Pro-D Funding

Pro-D Workshops

PRO-D Workshops

Please note that School District No. 23 Supervisors, HR, Directors, Department Heads etc. provide workshop opportunities for Pro Days, not the Union.

CUPE members are entitled to one day per year of professional development on the District-wide Pro-D day. This school year, the District-wide Pro-D day is February 18, 2018.

There has been some confusion as to whom to contact regarding professional development. Please contact your supervisor regarding Pro-D.   Your Union is here to help answer any questions you may have; however, SD23 is in charge of all workshops/in-service opportunities for Pro Days and Non Instructional Days.

Thank you.

Viewing Collective Agreements, Forms, Etc.

There have been a number of calls regarding members not being able to view the Collective Agreement after clicking on the link.  We have spoken with the tech department in SD 23 and they have checked our website and downloaded forms with no problem.  Also, the Union executive have tested the download process through Chrome, Firefox and Safari with no issues.

The tech department suggests that members check their computers as downloads may appear in the bottom left corner of the screen or perhaps in the download documents area.  There may also be a highlighted or flashing download arrow at the top right of the screen.   Additionally, computers must have the up-to-date Adobe or any other reader installed.