Nominations For Election

Nominations for all Union positions (with the exception of President) will be accepted at the October 15, 2016 General Meeting.  Voting will take place at the November 19th Annual General Meeting.  No nominations will be accepted from the floor at the November meeting.

If anyone wishes to be nominated but cannot attend the October meeting, that member can still be nominated.  The nominee should write a note to Local 3523 stating that they wish to have their name stand for the position.  This note must be signed by the nominee and presented at the October meeting.

The following positions require nomination of a member by someone from their specific work group:

Clerical/Library Assistant Shop Steward (2 positions)

Custodial Shop Steward

Operations Shop Steward

Student Support Services Shop Steward (2 positions)

Transportation Shop Steward

All members can nominate a member from any work group for the following positions:

Vice President

Recording Secretary

Secretary Treasurer


General Shop Steward (represents Student Supervisors and Aboriginal Advocates)

One Trustee – 3-year term

Clerical Pensionable Service

The Union has heard from Clerical staff several times that there is a rumour going around that the extra weeks of work during the last week of August/first week of July are not pensionable.

THIS IS NOT TRUE. All hours worked by employees who are participating in the Municipal Pension Plan are considered pensionable.

Recording Overtime Hours

The Union is increasingly being asked by Clerical staff how overtime hours should be recorded.  The answer is simple – ALL overtime should be reported on your time sheet.  Overtime for full time (7 hours/day) Clerical staff begins after 7 hours in one day.  If a member is assigned less than 7 hours per day, overtime begins only after having worked 7 hours in one day.  Hours between those assigned and a full 7 hours in one day are considered extra hours at straight pay, and cannot be banked.  Only hours worked after 7 hours in one day can be banked.

Being paid for overtime hours or banking the hours is the individual’s choice.  If anyone chooses to be paid for overtime (at 1.5 times your wage rate), simply enter the overtime hours in the appropriate column on your time sheet.  If you choose to bank the hours for use as time off at a future date, write BO (bank overtime) beside the overtime hours entry on your time sheet.  If you do not indicate that you wish to bank the overtime, you will be paid out on the next pay period.

Throughout the years, members were working overtime and recording their extra time on sheets kept “in house” and not recorded on their time sheets.  This is a violation of our Collective Agreement; overtime is a right that your Union has fought hard for and continues to defend to ensure that members are paid properly for their work.  In addition, many members were accepting hour for hour for time worked, when overtime should be 1.5 times regular pay.  Please don’t cheat yourself out of what you have rightfully earned!

Administrators are well aware of how their employees should record overtime.  A memo from HR was sent out last week to Administrators (as every year) explaining that overtime must be properly recorded on bi-weekly time sheets.

If anyone is instructed not to record overtime hours on their time sheet, please contact the Union immediately.


“Contacts” Cleanup In MyEdBC

Update – July 13, 2016

The deadline for Contacts cleanup has once again been extended, this time until January 2017.

The MyEd team will be working on this in August after year end rollover has been completed in MyEd.  Contact data will then be assessed prior to scheduling schools in need of support.


The Contacts cleanup has proven to be so labour intensive and time consuming for Clerical staff that it will be impossible for most schools to complete before the end of June.  This problem is occurring in school districts throughout the province.

For this reason, the deadline for cleanup has been extended into September.  It has been decided that SD 23 will specifically train a team of Relief Clerical employees in Contacts cleanup and have them go school to school in September, working exclusively on the cleanup.  School Clerical staff will thus be readily available to answer the myriad of questions that will arise concerning students’ family connections, and allow the cleanup to be completed in a timely manner.

Extended Health Benefits For Retirees

Several questions about extended health benefits were brought forward at March’s General Meeting.

Once a member retires, school district benefits cease.  Retirees can join an extended health benefits plan offered by the Municipal Pension Plan upon retirement.  Payment for benefits is deducted from the retiree’s monthly pension amount.   Information is available about retirement benefits on the MPP website.