PEBT, Worksafe, Benefits Information


If you are on sick leave, please familiarize yourself with the PEBT (Public Education Benefit Trust) website regarding long term entitlement benefits as well as restrictions. It is, of course, a good idea to check out their website for information regardless if you are on sick leave. We posted information previously on our website regarding LTD rules so check it out.


We are receiving a number of concerns that WorkSafe is not supporting our members when they are injured at work. If you feel you are not ready to return to work and have the support of your doctor, please appeal your WorkSafe claim. WorkSafe has advocates to help with the appeal process. We understand the appeal process is long and detailed but it is the only recourse available and well worth the effort. In some cases, if one does not appeal, members are not eligible for long term benefits through Desjardins because members need proof that they have exhausted all avenues through WorkSafe first.


When members are hired by School District 23 and are subsequently offered the benefit package through Human Resources, it is the Union’s strong recommendation that the benefit package is accepted, regardless if your spouse has a benefit package with another company. Benefits can always be cancelled but by signing up initially members are then approved to receive benefits should they need them at a later date.

There are 2 main reasons why it is very beneficial to apply for benefits as soon as they are offered:
1. If a member chooses not to accept the benefit package at the time they are offered but wants to sign up later they must wait a full year to receive benefits as they are deemed a late applicant.

2. If applying for the benefit package at a later date and a member applies after an injury occurs, the benefit coverage could be denied as it may be considered a pre-existing condition for which there is no appeal process.