Thank You for a Wonderful CUPE Children’s Christmas Party

A heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who generously gave their time to ensure our Children’s Christmas Party was a success. Many of our helpers worked months ahead of time preparing for this annual event as there is so much behind-the-scenes preparation.

Thanks to all those who helped with setup and take down; purchasing, wrapping and organizing presents; buying food, cooking and serving; setting up time slots for Santa’s visits via email with parents; photographing children with Santa and emailing the photos to parents; volunteering as our Santa; coordinating craft activities and helping the children make beautiful projects….wow…THANK YOU!

To all of you who emailed to volunteer at the party, unfortunately there was an issue when the emails were forwarded as the volunteer never received them. Sincere apologies for any confusion.

We had a few concerns from parents not wishing to fill out their email address to receive the Santa photos. They felt the volunteer should do that. Please note that the reason we ask for parents to fill out their name is so we have the correct spelling.