2018-19 CUPE Executive & Committees

Congratulations to this year’s Table Officers and Shop Stewards who were all acclaimed again this year. We have added a Shop Steward for Aboriginal Advocates and we welcome Simone Gauthier as this year’s Shop Steward.

Please go to the tab “Contacts” to see the list of Executive. If you need to email your shop steward, please use the school district email at this time. We are having technical issues with our CUPE email addresses. We’ll update when it’s fixed.

If you phone the office, please speak slowly and clearly and repeat your name and number so we can call you back. If we haven’t returned your call in a timely fashion, please call us again or send an email. For example, we received a message which we all listened to but the person spoke so quietly that we couldn’t understand the message. Thank you.