Messages from the President

Phone messages:  Apologies for any calls not returned.  When we listen to messages, there are times when only a first name is left or the phone number is read off very quickly.  Please leave both your first and last name and recite your phone number slowly.  We value your calls.  Much appreciated from your Executive.

Clarifying short term disability:  Short term disability was negotiated through School District 23 and CUPE’s Collective Agreement.  If a member is sick or injured and off work for more than a week and up to months, we have a joint early intervention service (JEIS) that is mandatory participation.

When SD23 refers a member to Desjardins (insurer), a health care management specialist from Desjardins will call the member directly.  This call could occur on the first day of a referral from SD23.  They will be asking medical questions that are kept confidential and not shared with either CUPE or SD23.  They will set up programs and/or appointments with doctors/specialists/physio/counselling etc.  Your family doctor is always notified (kept in the loop) with the program.  These steps are for the members’ benefits in order to facilitate returning to work and the programs etc. may be adjusted with consultations among all parties.

When the health care management specialists set up programs and a member chooses not to follow the program, there is the possibility that he/she will lose their short term disability.  Also, this could affect qualifying for long term disability if off for more than 120 days.