Thank You!!

Once again, we were delighted with the excellent turnout and for all the awesome volunteers at our CUPE Children’s Christmas Party last Saturday.  Santa gave gifts to over 240 children.

We want to recognize and thank Teri Wishlow and Shelley Yost who spent countless hours shopping and coordinating all the volunteers for wrapping the gifts!   As our office is fairly small, they were only able to accept 10 volunteers who worked tirelessly and made sure Santa did not disappoint.

Thank you, parents and grandparents, for bringing your children.  You make it all possible!

Due to illnesses, we were scrambling for a replacement Santa (our 3rd one).  We want to thank Margaret Varga’s hubby, Steve, for stepping up and being a great Santa on such short notice.

We want to again thank all the volunteers and a special thank you to the Career Prep students who helped out and did a fabulous job.  We couldn’t have run the craft centres without these students.   We also want to especially thank the two MBSS students from the school’s Photography Club for volunteering to take all the pictures on Saturday.   They had to deal with technical problems and we thank everyone for being patient while it was sorted out.   If parents have not received their pictures via email please contact the CUPE office at or 250.860.3523.

Thank you to all the businesses that donated food and beverages.  We very much appreciate their support for our Children’s party.

Thank you, SD23, for the use of Hollywood Road Education Services.   Much appreciated!

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a joyful break and New Year.